Our Mission

Comforting children with warm and cozy beds and bedding.

Our Vision

For every child in our nation have a bed to call their own.

Our Story

Our family founded Beds From Brian several years ago as a way to honor our son, Brian Daniel.

After what seemed to be a routine pregnancy, Brian was born in 1990 with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Robert's Syndrome.  Brian's body did not develop normally.  The syndrome caused hydrocephally, cleft lip and palate, loss of arms, club feet with development of only the brain stem.  He had big beautiful blue eyes.

The doctors were unsure how long he'd survive; there were only about 20 documented cases of the syndrome in the previous 30 years.  They advised us of our options: we could leave him in the hospital, place him in a special facility or bring him home.  It felt right when we decided to take our son home.

Big brother Christopher, who was four and a half when Brian was born, automatically felt a special bond with his little brother.   Chris held him, hugged him and loved him, with no question or hesitation.  Though Brian looked "different," Chris never seemed to notice.

Brian was a trooper, with big blue eyes and a strong, trusting personality.  He went everywhere we went -- to family get-togethers, grocery shopping, road trips, Burger King (yes, he got a crown), on the boat in his tiny life jacket, and to regular doctor appointments.

Though he lived for two and a half years, Brian never weighed more than 13 pounds.  He never talked or smiled, crawled or walked.  But he did something more important than any of those things: he taught us about compassion and unconditional love.  Brian touched the hearts of all those who knew him, and we are truly blessed to have had him in our lives.

The memories we share of him are of love and laughter, and of the many kind and generous people who came into our lives through Brian.  After he went to heaven in 1993, our family searched for a way to give back in some way for all the wonderful kindness and support we received.

Remembering how much Brian loved his warm, cozy bed when he wasn't being held or cuddled, we decided that helping children in need, especially those who don't have a comfortable bed or bedding of their own, would be a wonderful tribute to Brian.

As we started to organize Beds From Brian, we were astounded to learn how many children -- right in our community -- don't have the basic comforts of a warm, clean and cozy bed. To address this tremendous need, Beds from Brian holds a yearly fundraiser to purchase new sheet sets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, beds and bed frames.  With your help, we can bring warmth, comfort and love to needy children and help make our world a cozier place for all.


Thank you and sweet dreams!