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The LaFleur family established Beds from Brian in honor of our son, Brian Daniel LaFleur, in 2006. Brian was born with a very rare genetic disorder called Roberts syndrome, a malformation and under-development of the body.

When Brian was not being held or cuddled, he found comfort in his own little bed. Beds from Brian is able to provide comfort to vulnerable children in our area in loving memory of our Brian thanks to the generous support of friends and community members.

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Providing beds and bedding to children in need in the Western New York area.

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      ​​​​​​Your support helps keep                 kids cozy & warm! 


  • ​​​​As of August 3, 2022, Beds from Brian has provided approximately 7,191 single items to children in need. 
  • Ranging from 367 beds with sheets & blankets, 1,146 bed pillows and, 227 pairs of pajamas.      Thank you!  

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